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Is to change the world and to stop this war we are all facing with the awareness and prevention for cancer and diabetes. This site will give you the right information you will need to destroy these diseases before you have them. And if you have them, with our information we will show you how to live with them. Along with knowledge on how to do the right treatment for them. Our mission is to find a cure for these diseases and to prevent you from getting them.


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Million Dollar Cancer Auction – Feb. 4, 2012!

Emerald Horse

DYCN will be holding an amazing Silent Auction Event to raise money for Cancer and Diabetes Awareness on February 4, 2011 at March Field Air Museum at 22550 Van Buren in Riverside, Ca. There will be jewelry, diamonds, and emeralds auctioned off ranging from $200 to $20 million. We will also be providing beverages and hosted appetizers along with performers in the entertainment industry for your enjoyment.

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Mother Love Interview

Michael Fotheringham, and Silvana Kemble join Mother Love in studio and Patrick Shining Elk calls in to showcase Patrick’s walk across America to raise awareness and funds for cancer and Diabetes with their Destroy Your Cancer Now! campaign.

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Native Trailblazers Interview

Patrick Shining Elk has seen his share of fame having worked as a stuntman and actor on such feature films as The Last Samurai, La Mission, Hidalgo, The Dream Catcher, The Alamo and several others.

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An Interview with Patrick Shining Elk

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Patrick Prepares for his Cross-Country Walk

Patrick Shining Elk is the founder for the walk.  To prepare for this walk will be extremely hard.  There will be a strick diet and exercise routine daily.   Patrick will have to adapt to extreme weather conditions. Patrick is walking for you he will go thru emotional and mental stages throughout the walk.  The walk will …

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Dr. Roy Vongtama

roy vongtama

Dr. Roy Vongtama is a holistic cancer therapist whose multidimensional talents encompass science, art and spirituality. He began his training at the age of 16, working as volunteer at the Buffalo General Hospital in the Department of Radiation Oncology, volunteering over 500 hours of his time through high school. He continued his collegiate studies at the …

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An Interview with Dr. Roy Vongtama

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An Interview With Dr. Niraj Mehta

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